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The pec is an e-mail message having the same value as a registered letter with return receipt.
Provides legal proof of sending and delivering e-mails. The PEC Manager keeps for 30 months the logs that show the sender, the recipient, the identifier of the email and the object but not the content of the PEC message.  The version with archive and storage has the double function of secure storage of messages and their conservation in accordance with the law, to ensure the maintenance of legal validity over time.


€9 + IVA The year

  • 1 GB of space
  • WebMail optimized for mobile
  • Send and receive non-PEC email as well


€30 + IVA The year


€29 + IVA The year

  • 5 GB of space
  • WebMail optimized for mobile
  • Send and receive non-PEC email as well


€25 + IVA The year
(+ il costo di ciascuna casella)
  • Dominio o sottodominio certificato
  • WebMail optimized for mobile
  • Send and receive non-PEC email as well

Features of PEC

Attachments up to 50 MB

Send attachments up to 50 MB easily and securely.

Sender identity guarantee

Each PEC box is associated with the identity of the owner. Each message then comes shipped with the sender certification.

Pec with archive and conservation

The PEC is a company document and as such for the civil code (Article 2214 and 2220) companies must keep it for ten years like invoices, letters and telegrams, etc

Antivirus and Antispam

All the boxes are almost immune to spam and viruses and the protection systems are constantly updated by our intrepid support.


Access mail from any location thanks to webmail. It does not matter if you're not yours PC, you can access it from tablet or mobile.

Complete assistance

Our Intrepid Support, consisting of specialists, provides technical assistance for each of your own need.

The reviews of our customers

Frequently asked questions about the PEC service

What is a pec box?
  •  The pec box is equivalent to one postal letter and guarantees the certainty of sending and delivery to recipient, giving legal value to the message.
How can I pay the pec box?
What extension can I use for my pec box?
I have to set up an individual company / company and I do not have the game IVA. How can I proceed?
What is the additional archive and storage service?

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