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Clustered hosting for high availability, performance and scalability.

The cluster solutions are designed for high traffic sites or critical applications, the system allows you to distribute visitors on multiple dedicated or virtual servers, offering high performance and uptime guarantees.


If your site suffers heavy traffic spikes or is subjected to load moments you can add or remove servers from the system to best fit your needs


Cluster solutions are designed to offer you maximum uptime thanks to system redundancy, in the case of a server fault, traffic will be moved to another available node


Hardware customized for the specific workload and use.

Example of Cluster configuration A

Cluster entry level for sites that need more performance than a dedicated server, cluster hosting allows you to manage traffic on two web servers and two db servers thanks to the balancers. All nodes are connected to each other on a dedicated and private 1Gbit / s network

  •  2 Balancers
  • 2 Web Server
  • 2 Db Server
  • 2 Storage Server

Cluster Server features


Backup systems on external storage for saving your data up to cadences hourly. Maximum security and ease of restore.

Managed cluster

A team of specialists available H24 that will take care of the total management of your cluster system, from installation, configuration and optimization of performance.

Hardware monitoring

Our system also monitors the physical components of the machines like power supplies, fans, controllers, disk status, temperatures etc.

Monitoring services

Each application installed on the cluster (eg Web server, Db Server, Balancer etc.) will be subject to constant monitoring by our monitoring service.

  • We will work with your team to understand your technical needs and goals business.
  • The architects will build and test your hosting environment based on your own needs.
  • If you have an infrastructure elsewhere, we will migrate it for you to reduce the burden on you your team.
  • As your business grows, we will be by your side to formulate solutions that you will allow you to keep your hosting at peak performance.

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The best technologies at your service

The most advanced technologies for redundant cluster solutions.The best applications and our technical skills assure you a guaranteed uptime and time unbeatable loading.

A perfect support for the best CMS

Hai un sito realizzato con uno dei più comuni CMS come WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Dupal e sei alla ricerca di massime performance e garanzie di uptime? Siamo tra i maggiori esperti di cluster web ottimizzati per cms

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