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The copy of your data is always available and with immediate restoration

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Il backup di Serverplan, a tecnologia avanzata, salvaguarda i tuoi dati e tutela le tue informazioni.

Do you need hourly backup?

Time backup is the ideal choice for projects with contents that are updated frequently: you will have the guarantee of an hourly snapshot of your data, immediately available in the farm for the complete restoration of your system.

Continuous Data Protection

CDP makes snapshots (backup images) without creating service interruptions. The backup is performed at the block level, offering a series of advantages such as: decrease of the disk activity during the saving phase, speed in the execution of the backup, execution of the copies up to time intervals.

Data protection with R1Soft CDP

It is the most reliable system for continuous backups of your data. Based on R1Soft, Time Backup provides a simple control panel with which you can manage your data, even in a selective way. The Bare-Metal system greatly reduces the waiting time for backup and restore compared to similar systems.

Security and Disaster Recovery

The added value of a backup is the speed and ease of recovery. With Time Backup you can restore the entire filesystem or only the database from any available snapshot and in a few clicks.

Backup to Dell servers

Snapshots are saved on Dell Poweredge servers, the most advanced solution on the market with the best performance for stability, security and speed.

Backup features available

Manage backups and restore at any time, thanks to the convenient web interface accessible via browser. Your site will be immediately online.

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